new opportnities? OSMF+german car industry


we can read ( under AOB) … meeting with German auto industry in Ingolstadt.


Marek, any inside information from your side :slight_smile: ?

We (german community) have now understood:
Some car producers ( I believe Audi) are interested in OSM Data for professional navigation.
One german producer of navigation systems is looking for a graduate for OSM import:

In my opinion is it only question of time, and we have OSM Data in heavy, very expensive german cars.
And when the Germans do it, it’s a dam break for OSM data.

And VW/Audi shareholders laugh all the way to the bank.
Time for an “Audi Open Database License” :roll_eyes:

This phrase by Oliver Kuhn ends the speculations (from osmf-talk@):

They just explained to some people what OSM is. End of story.

It was predictable - good and free data with enough coverage. Why not? It opens the doors and makes OSM more popular.

The recent problems of OSM from the perspective of the professional systems:

  • Lack of left turn prohibition
  • traffic circles without junction= turnaround
  • Lack of administrative areas
    are relatively quickly fixed.

I believe, at least in 2,3 years we have such systems on the market.
I have no car - I still use bicycle, but I know: The car producers are very conservative and have influence on the market. If we win such customers, we win the battle in the map area.

Have I understand it right - nobody knows for sure what the item means?
Anyway, even if Zverik is right, and there will be no breaking news, the vision of the opportunities feels inspiring.

We want to organize in Germany a kind of working group with the navigation professionals and discuss the requirements of car industry.
Of course, it should be a long and difficult way, but also the opportunity to increase the quality of our map.