New nation wide resource - National Map - Australia

NationalMap is a open and public resource, it has datasets from every state and territory.

editing to add that I am not a lawyer and the following information could be wrong… permission to use this information is granted on the federal level of our government administration.

I also made a diary in my personal OSM diary in-case it get removed from here slice0’s Diary | New nation wide resource - National Map - Australia | OpenStreetMap

Hi Slice.

It’s not correct to say that this permission to use this data has been granted at the federal level.

Each of the data layers that can be added to the map from the data catalogue have their own license and associated conditions, from the listed data custodian. Many of these licenses are incompatible with the ODbL.

Using data from this map must comply with associated license conditions for each data layer and terms of use for the National Map, as listed here: NationalMap | Geoscience Australia.


im sorry Diacritic but your understanding is very incorrect, if a agency decides to make a dataset available on nationalmap the agency is agreeing to make that dataset open for use by default, I dont believe you understand the link you posted correctly please read it again.


There isn’t much to say beyond, that just isn’t how it works. Being publicly accessible is not the same as being free to incorporate into an ODbL database.

From the page I linked you:

Each dataset has metadata, including it’s associated license.

There isn’t a discussion to be had here. You must comply with the licenses associated with each dataset. Using data from the National Map with an incompatible license will result in the data being removed.


first time I have seen this thread, what ever dataset is found on this resource is free to use NationalMap , not sure what data from queensland is excluded from there though or what data specifically you are referring to

there are some datasets that carry a copyright but a lot of it is 4.0

in south australia we can use pretty much anything there

You’re right, many of the datasets are licensed CC 4.0.

Please see Use of CC BY 4.0 licensed data in OpenStreetMap | OpenStreetMap Blog which details current practice for incorporating CC 4.0 data into OSM

There is a handy reference on the OSM wiki which details data sources that are compatible with the ODbL, including CC 4.0 data that has been made compatible with a waiver: Australian Data Sources - OpenStreetMap Wiki.


You are not and indeed it is.

There are at least three problems:

  1. We live in Australia. There is no permission to use this data granted at the federal level. I assume you are confusing where you live with the USA.
  2. The National Map is only a front-end to the various existing state based servers, it does not change anything to do with the copyright. See the terms of use About | NationalMap
  3. The OSMF requires a waiver from the rights holder if the licence is CC-BY 4.0 Use of CC BY 4.0 licensed data in OpenStreetMap | OpenStreetMap Blog. In the case of Queensland data this is still the Queensland Government even if the data is available through a Commonwealth website.

just letting people know of its existence, I actually have a pretty fulfilling life outside of keeping an eye on my OSM edits to prevent them from being deleted for reasons which are complete lies. If you cant take my post as trying to be helpful its on you.