New moderators for #help-and-support and #help-and-support:tagging

As previously announced, the @forums-governance team has reached out to moderators of existing channels to form initial moderator teams for the global categories on this forum.

We’ve been able to find volunteers among the moderators of to moderate #help-and-support as well as #help-and-support:tagging:

These users have already been granted moderator privileges and are set up to to perform moderation tasks. You can use flags to bring posts to their attention or message the @mods-support group.

Thanks to the new moderators for your willingness to support this community!


I want to express my gratitude to this group for stepping-in and support moderation in these categories, this has been something that the @forums-governance team has been looking to do and expand for quite some time and I’m very happy to see it now in place :slight_smile:


Sounds good to me … :sunglasses: … thanks for taking over the job!