New MapRoulette Challenge: Sweden - Add Highways

Hej Svenska OSM samfundet!
Det här är Salim från TomTom igen. Idag vill jag dela med er en MapRoulette-utmaning, relevant för Sverige - Lägg till Motortrafikvej : MapRoulette , och här hittar du användbara uppdaterade leads för att förbättra och ansluta vägar.

Målet är att identifiera och lägga till en eller flera saknade vägar vid behov. Vi har gjort en analys genom att jämföra TomToms egna data med OSM-vägnätet. Du kan hitta mer information på vår Sweden GitHub-sida och vår MapRoulette-utmaningsbeskrivning, som kan hjälpa dig att lösa uppgifterna.

Om du har några frågor eller kommentarer, vänligen kontakta mig och/eller lämna dina kommentarer om MapRoulette-uppgifterna om det behövs. Jag önskar dig en underbar helg och trevlig redigering!


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Hello Sweden OSM community,

I would like to hear your feedback on this challenge as it was not touched since some time, anything to improve? Was it meaningful towards improving the Map in Sweden?

I touched it yesterday, but… its just very boring to add service roads to industrial areas :slight_smile:

thank you for the feedback @Wulfmorn, let me check if the team can exclude them out and come back to you.

I didn’t say they were wrong, just boring to map :slight_smile:


if possible you can skip or look for other interesting ones :slight_smile:
thanks again for taking part of this challenge

It seems like most if not all of them are cargo truck access roads to industrial areas south of Stockholm. I assume you detect them from active GPS where there are no roads.

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Indeed is the correct assumption, probably will be a topic to discuss road access and vehicle types?

Hello OSM Sweden community, @Wulfmorn,

Today, I have replenished the Sweden - Add Highways challenge with an additional 160 tasks that are spread across various regions in the country. If you require any assistance, have questions, or need further information, please feel free to reach out to me through the official channels or by replying to this post. I’m here to help.


Hello OSM Sweden,

I trust this message finds you well and that you had a pleasant summer break.
I’d like to bring to your attention that, following a fresh round of spatial analysis and a comparison with the TomTom database, our team has identified an additional 358 tasks that require your attention in the context of the MapRoulette challenge titled “Sweden - Add Highways” (MapRoulette).

Hope the challenge will bring a value add to improve the map in Sweden.

Salim, TomTom