New map service for Mobile (and Desktop)

I just rolled out a new experimental map service.
It will display a map on your device which is locally rendered using OpenGL. This allows you to smoothly scale and rotate the map.

Currently it is considered beta. The map style has some glitches, still being usable. The map area is limited to Thailand with a large buffer around it. So most of Laos and Cambodia is covered as well. It is currently static content.

It should work with every modern browser on the desktop. For Android please use Chrome.

please try it for yourself here:

The site is best viewed encrypted and with the HTTP/2 protocol. This gives you about 10% of speed increase for free.
I had measured this with the assumption of a 4MBit throughput and 250ms of latency. Any recent browser will select this protocol automatically.

I hope the speed increase is also visible for you. The page itself had a Google pagespeed ranking of 100/100 and a security rating of A+ by SSL labs.

Please let me know if this is the track to follow instead of bitmap tiles like on

The underlying data is missing some tiles. Noticed in downtown Bangkok. I have reported a bug upstream.

Nice map, but I for one, wud prefer some colour on the roads, showing the different types (tertiary/secondary etc).
The rest looks good.

Noted you mentioned some glitches - I was wondering at what zoom the Hwy refs would appear, and stumbled across this …
The North carriageway is labelled 118, the south, 108. Cant see anything on OSM to cause this unless Im not looking deep enough.
And also while on the subject of the 118, I notice some bits of the road have two relationships both labelled “road 118”, and some only have one. Should this be tidied up, or is there a reason ?