New legend noticed, green pawprint

A smallish field near me has recently had a new high fence all round, I was thinking possibly for deer? Today I noticed that the symbol had changed to multiple paw prints. Querying this it came up with ‘Dog Park’. Where would I find more info on this category?

Do you mean where can you find more about tagging dog parks in OSM? In which case: Tag:leisure=dog_park - OpenStreetMap Wiki

However if you’re looking for more information about this real life feature, you may wish to contact the mapper who added it to OSM.


Thank you, I will know where to look in future but don’t know how to contact mapper.

The mapper will be listed in the changeset that added the dog park. If you can provide the link to the object you’re interested in, then I can help.

Is screenshot sufficient info? Sorry don’t know how to access changeset.


Got brain in gear and clicked on links, thank you for pointing me in right direction.