New JOSM plugin: ImroveWayAccuracy

I have just uploaded a new JOSM plugin and decided to “advertise” it here a little.
It can be useful when you are improving accuracy of the ways that have already been mapped before. The goal of the plugin is to substitute dragging and dropping nodes with clicking to quicken the editing process.

For more details see plugin wiki-page:

Feel free to report problems and share your ideas. You can also help by fixing mistakes on the wiki page (I am not a native English speaker).

Surprised no one’s commented! I’ve gotta say this is one of the best JOSM plugins, it makes fixing TIGER roads so much easier. Great UI design, thanks!

… to make it more popular you can write about the using of this plugin maybe at

Agreed, great plugin! Thanks :slight_smile:

stephan75, thank you for your suggestion! I’ve just added a line about the plugin on the Updates page.

I will be very glad if anyone can translate wiki into other languages.

I’ve seen it … buta better place would have been

If you want, delete your entry at the already published Community Update and add your lines in the draft …

Done. Thanks for this advice.

Hi, guys. I have a question about translating the plugin. After I commited it I expected its appearing in launchpad.

But it’s still not there after about a moth. Do I have to keep waiting or there is something I have to do in order to force “pushing” all my tr()s and plugin description into the list of untranslated strings?