New Import Proposal Template

(Use this template to create your Import review post, just copy and paste.)

Import Title

Hello (COMMUNITY), I am proposing to import the (DATASET) dataset, sourced from (AGENCY).


This is the wiki page for my import:
This is the source dataset’s website:
The data download is available here:
This is a file I have prepared which shows the data after it was translated to OSM schema:
(Replace the links with the links for your Import)


I have checked that this data is compatible with the ODbL.
This data is distributed under (LICENSE).
(If you have received special permission/waiver, mention it here.)


(Provide a summary of your import. be sure to mention:

  • Information about the dataset
  • Your relationship to the dataset, if any.
  • What the dataset contains.
  • The size of the dataset.
  • The method you are using to import into OSM.
  • How you plan to translate the dataset tags to OSM schema.
  • Your approach to conflation.
  • Any scripts you are using.)

Something to possibly include …

Some people create a separate User account specifically for imports, so possibly include a reference to their usual tag, so other mappers can contact them if necessary?

These data must be fill in in the Plan Outline in the wiki (template here: Import/Plan Outline - OpenStreetMap Wiki). I don’t see why it is needed to duplicate things.


Thanks for the catch. I’ll add it.
On discussions on the list, frequently the importer is asked to describe the import, by people uninterested in reading the whole wiki page. I thought about citing this post on the wiki, but I figured it’d be easier to just provide the template there, and have this one as a backup.

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@SherbetS, sorry but if someone is uninterested in reading (or hasn’t the time to read) a wiki page, he or she should NOT discuss about the import. Imports are difficult. The necessary time should be taken not just by the importer, but also by the people commenting. Otherwise it’s just chit-chat.