New imagery available!

New Bing imagery for KL is sharp and pretty. However, please do not automatically trace without checking for available offsets or existing roads first.

Imej baharu Bing untuk KL memang cun. Tapi jangan surih/trace melulu tanpa periksa offset sedia ada ataupun jalan yang dah sedia ada.

Never look down on Bing imagery… :wink:

Jangan pandang Bing sebelah mata…

I just recently started mapping on OSM end of last year. And I notice a lot buildings and roads are offset slightly with the new Bing imagery. I’ve been adjusting all the roads and buildings manually around my neighbourhood to trace the new Bing imagery but is that the right approach?

Unless you have a marked surveyed points as reference to ascertain the the new imagery is “correcter”, in most cases it’s better to leave it be. Unless of course if the existing traces are wayy out from the new imagery, then you need to do a bit of a investigation. Find out if there are gps traces around and see if they are closer to the new imagery. If they do, then maybe, maybe it is worth shifting available traces to the new imagery. (gps traces are not without problems too, but that’s the most bester thing available to us)

The bigger questions would be:

  • how big an area are you willing to relocate all those road n buildings?
  • what’s to stop a new imagery from being out with different offset? or some other people changing the offset to a different imagery?

That’s not to stop you doing what you do. By all means, contribute.
Just that, sometimes, the best action is to just let it be. Good enough, as the Soviets used to say.