New here, can someone review my edits?


Longtime user, first time editor (and poster), is someone able to review the work I have done on the remote Tongan island of Niuafo’ou?

Would be great to get some feedback before I continue to work on these outlying Tongan islands.

Thanks in advance.

The highway tagging seems a bit wrong. For example here why does the highway=tertiary end after the village? could be useful here.

Also you’ve called the track “main road”. “The names should be restricted to the name of the item in question only and should not include categories, types, descriptions, addresses or notes. If something really doesn’t have a name, don’t add one to OpenStreetMap. Any additional information should be included in separate tags (see, e.g., aforementioned links) to identify its meaning.”

The Map Features Wikipage could be also helpful