New. Have a couple of questions.

Hello all.

I am new to osm and i have a question. I have been doing a little editing of things i know like street names and then on i bicycle ride i noticed a few streets were not there so i loaded my route and mapped the streets in using josm.

Now cruising around in josm i noticed some roads that looked funny. I know the area and was wondering if someone could explain why things are the way they are.

Now how this makes comes out clear enough for you to understand.

In this picture you can see the roads i have circuled in green how they are in a red dotted line but there is one in the top left that is grey. all of thoes roads are there and they connect to each other. the main one that goes all the way through, but it does go through a property and over some cattle grids. i was wondering why this is so as i have seen it in other areas. also in the second picture of the same area in openstreetmaps that the road is shown but different colours.



also one other question. In the same area when you search for moorina rd on my gps it is showen under morayfield when it is actually in moorina. they do share the same postcode though. Is this something that can be fixed and how would i do it?

First hello and welcome to OSM :slight_smile:

There are different styles for the editor and for the rendering that are not synced. I’m not sure if JOSM shows you access or surface properties here. If you are on in the upper right corner is a + presenting you different render styles.

I’m not sure if I understand the second one. You wan’t to fix the name? This might be a property of a single place POI node or of the surrounding boundaries lines (specially the relation getting all boundaries together for this area).

Roads shown in grey on the Mapnik layer and red dashed lines in JSOM are tagged highway=road ( This is used when the status of the road is not clear when added to OSM. For instance, the data might be traced from an old map (happens in the UK), from aerial photos and the mapper is not familiar with the area or resolution is not good, or from imported data. The idea being to highlight areas where the mapping requires more work or might be unreliable for planning a journey.

One of the ways ( shown in your area has the following comment: “DCDB indicates a right of way in this location. Needs a field survey to confirm highway type and actual alignment.” As you have done the missing field survey you should decide if these are minor roads (unclassified or residential, possibly service), tracks or even more major roads. Change the highway tag, remove the note, and alter the source to show that this data has been ground-surveyed.

You can change the way JOSM renders any tag or group of tags using the option dialog: and this is also a way to see what colours JOSM uses.