New GPS/OSM user needs help getting map for disaster relief in Chile

Hey all,

Thanks ahead of time for the generous efforts you all make to this forum and for any help I may get in answering this question. I’ve done a bit of searching on this forum for help in pulling a OSM map into my Delorme PN-40 but there is precious little. As I say in my Subject line, I’m heading down to Concepcion, Chile at the end of this month to do some disaster relief work. I only have US Topo maps and need to pull a map of Concepcion into the PN-40.

If I have to do a bitmap screen capture of the Concepcion area and then image register it in my mapping program, I will, but is there an easier and more accurate way to export the map into a format that I can then import in the Delorme mapping program (I have XMap Pro 7 GIS)? I just need to see all streets in Concepcion and surrounding areas.

I’m hoping that I find the user who knows both OSM and Delorme’s XMap Pro.

BTW, I’ve heard that the city shifted 10ft westwards. I can accept this variance in positioning.

Delorme stuff doesn’t seem to come up in conversation much in OSM, I assembled some scrappy bits of information on the wiki page if anyone knows more, feel free to edit that (as well as replying here)

Cheers mate for the advice. I’ll look into it, but on first blush, it looks perfect!

I’m wondering why more Delorme-centric posts aren’t in here. Perhaps because it hasn’t gained a large enoughand loyal enough following?