new entry in wiki page not rendered properly


I made a new entry at
In the first, “General” section, search for “LockOnMe” - or just scroll down until you see a big picture in the description column.

I can’t find the source of my mistake while editing. Please can someone correct this, or tell me how to correct?
It might be a template’s fault also. .


The technical problem comes from using multiple paragraphs and even lists in that table cell.

But I doubt whether the “List of OSM based Services” is the right place for your app anyway. As far as I can tell it’s a mobile app that uses OSM maps as a background and doesn’t do anything with raw OSM data? In that case, I suggest you move that content to a separate wiki page and include the Software template. That will automatically make it appear in our Software lists, e.g.

thanks for your reply Tordanik.

I looked at the Help:Wiki-Editing page before editing, and read the following in the Tables section:

Perhaps it got messed up because of the template used for the (hybrid!) table I was editing, on the OSM-based Services page.

In any event, I am following your suggestion and decided to remove the entry in that table (done), and then to have it appear in the Software List you referred to (not done yet). But I’m confused as to how I can create a wiki page (to include the software template).

Here’s a bit of investigation:

I opened the Discussion tab of the Software page where I could read the following under Adding missing applications:

I then proceeded to the User:TTTBot page, which keeps on referring to the Software2 template, although the Software2 template’s page redirects to that of the Software template - so perhaps the “2” is now incorrect.
In the discussion page of User:TTTBot, the first section listed (Hint with link?) doesn’t appear to be relevant anymore, as the text quoted in there doesn’t exist anymore on the User:TTTBot page.
It would be useful to bring back that bit though, as new users like myself need more info on the process formerly described:

Maybe it’s just a case of creating a new software page, but so far I haven’t seen any how-to guide on that.

The only hint I found was on the Creating city pages page, in the Creating a wiki page section. But that supposes being able to create a dead link (which will show up in Red), and then clicking on it in order to edit (and thereby create) the missing page.
But since the Software table can’t be edited manually, it creates a sort of catch-22 situation.

Unless I create a dead link somewhere else temporarily, edit/create the page (with the Software template), and then remove the zombie link. Is this what you suggest I should do?

Search for the page name in the wiki search. A line with a red link will appear below the search field.

Other ways to do the same thing:

It used to be named Software2, but someone moved it. The template should work with both names and bot should also be able to work with both (I hope).f

That short bit of text was never on the User page, instead it appears below each of the auto-generated tables to alert people to the fact that manually changing those tables is not a good idea.

thanks a lot Tordanik :slight_smile:

now I stumbled across another problem: after I hit Save Page, each time I enter the 2 words or series of digits for the reCaptcha character recognition, it keeps giving me the same messages, either

  • or -

Even though the characters to recognise are pretty horrible, I’m fairly sure I recognised most of them.

Are you an administrator yourself?

I went to the FAQ page, but the admin section doesn’t really point to a specific contact for this type of case. . :frowning:

Hi, I’ve never encountered that problem, but it seems as if some aggressive spam filter prevents you from getting through. It’s not unexpected - you are trying to advertise your project - but the bot probably can’t understand that OSM-using software is legitimate wiki content.

I’m not an admin myself, unfortunately, but try one of these people:
(Check beforehand whether they have recent contributions, otherwise they might be inactive.)

I suspect being a new wiki editor your page with external links is getting caught by the abuse filters designed to catch spam (and checking the logs just it is catching a lot). I’ve found the latest log entry from your attempts and created for you. You should be OK editing it now.

thanks a lot Tordanik; you know quite a bit about the processes! Hope you become admin one day if you wish!

EdLoach, thanks for initiating the wiki; I was able to edit it eventually (inserting a URL).
The spam filters proved a bit overaggressive!

Cheers mates.