New data Layer showing Amenity areas in village

I would like to make a separate layer of amenity areas within our village that are maintained by our Parish Council. The information will be used by the public and the council to identify what footpaths, flowerbeds, recreational areas etc are maintained by the Council. I have started to redraw and define these areas and ways on a separate layer (not uploaded as yet). So when complete the layer will contain the same basic information contained in the current open street map but in another separate layer so essentially doubling up what is there! Is this an acceptable way of achieving my goal? OR should I add a separate additional (perhaps custom) tag the existing ways and areas. Your assitance / guidance would be most welcome. I am using JOSM.

We normally recommend using umap ( for this type of information. You can download existing objects from OSM using overpass-turbo & upload them (usually as Geojson).

Umap allows multiple layers and offers some basic styling options. I’ve not tried to do anything too elaborate though.