New bus route editor proposal

There doesn’t seems to be any simple way to add a bus route into OSM for now. After visiting and played a bit with their proposed new bus route editor, I think it would be nice if OSM can follow their idea and make a tool that let people add new bus route into OSM in the same way.

The way they let people add bus routes to its database is that, first people are presented with a map with clickable stops that have been mapped into OSM. Then people can click those stops, and the pathfinder in the application would automatically determine the most logical route for bus to operate through all these stops. Finally user can use drag and drop (in OSM’s case it would be more appropriate to let user change the selection instead) to alter routes if they don’t run like pathfinder’s route in reality. (Route details can be input after complete inputing a route) If such an editor can be implemented than it would simplify the process of bus route addition/editing a lot. Please consider developing such a bus route relation editor for OSM.

“OSM” isn’t an independent thing; every item of data has been added by someone and every bit of software around OSM has been written by someone. Essentially there is no “OSM” beyond the people that make up the project. If you think something’s a good idea have a go! If you get stuck with something there are plenty of places to ask for help (and find someone who’s already written half of what you want).

To clarify, I mean if anyone in the community could pick up the idea and develop it into a tool open for public to use and contribute to the project then it could help the project a lot.
I have (briefly) considered developing it myself, but the only thing about coding that I know of is some primary school level JavaScript that won’t be enough to achieve what I would like to see, hence I’m hoping that someone with more coding skill than me could be interested in the idea and start developing something like this.

There are essentially two reasons why someone would do that - one is that it’s solving a problem that they also see as needing to be solved to resolve some issue that they themselves have (essentially, “scratching their own itch”), the other is if you pay them.

Almost no-one is out there looking to write some code for free looking for someone else who would like some free labour.

That’s basically what I am hoping for, as in I hope that someone have the same feeling and hope them think this is a nice idea and also hope them would spare a time to write such a tool for everyone

That tool goes into the direction:
Provide a gpx file (from e.g. a routing software using osm) and load by using overpass a bus route along the highways into JOSM … or similar.
GPX2Overpass Queries

Tool and text in german only translated by g**gle.