New bug in map-tile generation

A bug has been recently introduced in how map tiles are generated in an area near me.
The error is apparent as you zoom in starting at

At zoom level 16 and wider, the map appears correctly, but at zoom level 15 or closer, most things in a small area shift down suddenly by a few hundred meters. It’s obviously apparent that something wacky is going on.

In edit mode, things appear correct.

The error does appear in some other sites that use OSM (e.g., but not in others (e.g.

What is the best way to bring this to the attention of the proper folks?

It looks like someone grabbed a chunk of data and dragged it south, probably inadvertently. This has since been fixed, but it takes time for the various renderings to re-render with the corrected data. Since the data is fine, all you can do is wait.

Okay, cool, thanks. If it’s still looking bad after a week, I’ll follow up again.