New Bing images

There are new Bing images available. I do not know the region covered, but in the South towards the border to Malaysia, there’s a lot with high quality.

That’'s good news. Unfortunately the major tourist regions e.g. Hua Hin or Ko Samui still not covered.

I will update the coverage display on my pages tomorrow.


You might have already noticed, Bing has recently released additional imagery for Thailand (and more).

Bernhard might be pleased as the area he was drawing from Bing was dramatically increased.
Other areas also have now coverage. Notably the tourist destination Ko Samui is now covered. Also Luang Prabang in Laos is covered in a huge imagery stripe that stretches from Thailand into Laos.

The service already contains the updated boundaries. So you can use it to discover areas where google has more road coverage, in case such areas exist in Thailand at all. For some weird reason the google API used displays a strange popup for me, hope your experience is better.

The imagery has some areas with higher cloud coverage. Some parts also have a small gap between the old and new imagery. In general it’s a huge step forward to a country-wide coverage.


Also some of the old imagery has been updated.
My house built only a year ago is now on there.
It also seems to be aligned more accurately, but that is just from a glance, not tested properly and only in Mae Jo.
But, yes, it is looking much better around CM and generally in TL now :slight_smile:

The new image in Mae Jo is indeed much better aligned.
Required offset for my front gate is only -4.55; -1.46
Problem now of course is that 2km east of my house it reverts back to the old images which required a much larger offset.

Yes, as much as I would like to add to CM where I spend a lot of time, the alignment seems all over the place because of additions created over time with differing datums. It can be somewhat frustrating.
I’ll concentrate on other areas I have ridden and have the GPS trace to verify alignment.

Oh, and Stephan … any chance of an update to check-odbl-th-20120401.html
You used to produce quite regularly, and I find them interesting (not that its a competition !) :wink: