New Bee - have problems to mark parking area near road

I am new to OSM and try to mark a parking area beside a road in Germany.
I am unsure how to set this up.
I tried to mark it as “area”, but cannot assign the usage to the area; nor is there any area type prepared for parking.
Nevertheless I see other parking areas even with marked with a P;
Any tip is appreciated how to achieve that.

thank you

The details depend on the editor you are using. With iD, the default web based editor:

Select Area.

Clock on all the vertices and double click on the one that closes the shape.

Select other in the left hand panel.

If All Tags isn’t open, click on the triangle to open it.

Type “amenity” into the left box.

Select “parking” in the right box.

Fill in as many fields as you can. In particular, set allowed access unless it is intended for general public use (e.g. it isn’t dedicated to a shopping centre, or the private park for some offices or apartments).

If you are feeling enthusiastic, plot the service roads and parking aisles, as well.

Save in the usual way, remembering to give a good description of how you know it is there and that you are adding a car park.

If this is more a parking-lane rather than a parking-area you might want to concider using parking:lane= on the corresponding way.