New 25cm Aerial Photos available from Chief Directorate: National Geo-spatial Information (CD:NGI)

Additional 25cm imagery has now been collected. Upload starts next week. Hopefully this will fill most of the missing 25cm coverage.

That’s amazing quality. I suppose it still needs to be processed to be available as an end-result in JOSM?

It has been awhile since I posted.

I’ve had limited time to get the imagery hosted properly. There are also large missing gaps which need filling.

Currently I have another disk with NGI in Cape Town onto which they are copying the latest set of 25cm imagery.

Hopefully I can make the imagery properly available to the public soon.

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Very excited to have come across this topic. Looking forward to when it’s available!

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The 25cm imagery is now finally live on

It should already be available in JOSM and iD as a background layer. The name is South Africa: CD:NGI Aerial or similar.

Note, the imagery is still a bit slow, but I will improve performance over time.


Awesome! Just made my first edits on JOSM with the new imagery!

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I have now received an additional 3.4TB 25cm imagery from CD:NGI and over the next few week will start incorporating it on

The first new bit is 25cm (was 50cm) imagery around Jansenville in the Eastern Cape. The imagery was captured back in 2019. Most of the new imagery is 2022 and 2023.

Thank you to @Adrian_Frith for collecting the disks and helping with the transfer to the server.

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