network tag for MDRs

Naveenpf wrote on talk-IN about tagging of MDR roads. Since I am not subscribed to this talk list, I write here.
It is a good idea, to tag the MDR relations with network=IN:MDR:state.
The situation concerning the MDRs is actually like this:

  • relations with network=IN:SH:state and ref-tags on the road : PB, HR, RJ, UP
  • ref-tags in MP but no relations
  • only ref=MDR in KL
    In all other states the MDRs are at must mapped as secondary roads but without ref-tag and relations.
    Naveenpfs wrote in the Kerala-page to map the urban and rural roads with network-tags. I think, this is at the moment overkill. Relations for these roads do not exist.
    In most states there are no official declarations for MDRs, urban and rural roads or the government does not give the necessary informations.
    Even the declarations of NHs are not precise (NH754K…) or are missing (NH166C…).

So I propose to change the MDR-relations from network=IN:SH:state to network=IN:MDR:state.

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Creating separate pages for SH and MDR.
First, we need complete SH in all states.

I have updated the page:

Oh ha, ALL SHs in ALL states!!!
A very ambious goal.
We see us again in 5 years.