This post is about, a map of the high voltage grid, focused on Belgium and the Netherlands. It’s created by volunteers of, a site for high voltage enthusiasts in Flanders and the Netherlands. The map is made available under CC BY NC ND 4.0.

They indicate that they source data from OSM in some cases, in the FAQ and on their forum (e.g. here). The licences are incompatible however so this usage is illegal. It’s regrettable, I learned about high voltage infrastructure at their site, and I’m able to map it in OSM because of this.

I wrote this message that I would maybe post on their forum. Does anyone see inaccuracies? Perhaps a way out for them, without removing OSM data? Am I overworried?

[English below]


English translation:

Joost Schouppe asked in the Belgian chat channel if I know they’re copying substantially. I think they are:

Would releasing their map data under the ODbL solve it? To comply with OSM’s licence, maybe. Do note that their source policy is more relaxed than OSM’s, so I think we couldn’t copy from them even if they relicensed.

Edit: Joost also said the message felt as heavy as a nuclear bomb, so if I would send it, I would try to soften it first.

I’ll agree it’s a bit heavy, but there’s no soft way to bring a heavy message I guess.

It could be an option to open like ‘err… guys… ? You know that what you’re doing is a bit dodgy right?’, which would most likely be countered with a ‘no, how so?’ in which the above would be the detailed follow-up…