Netherlands Zip-Codes not in Openstreetmaps


We would like to use Openstreetmaps to add zip code areas for delivery software. However, he does not know any Dutch postcodes. Is this a known issue?

Thanks for the reply.


Every Dutch address with a postal code is tagged as follows on the address node: addr:postcode=nnnnLL e.g. 1234AB, so what is your point?

I guess you’re looking for OSM-relations delimiting the area covered by postcodes? Those do exist in other countries. Not in NL (AFAIK).
You’d probably be surprised how small those areas would be. Postcodes come with extremely fine granularity in this country. Knowing postcode + house number is sufficient to address a letter. No postcode covers more than a single street. The small street I live in (20-odd houses) is covered by two postcodes, one for the even numbers, one for the odd numbers.

On the flip side, as Martin mentioned: practically 100% of Dutch addresses are on OSM, complete with postcode.

They might mean only the four number leading part instead of the full six character postcode. This is often used by (food) delivery websites to define service areas. These are not mapped as areas in OSM, but you can generate them by taking all addresses from one of the bulk downloads and grouping them yourselves. This will leave you with gaps between the areas though, which might not be a problem depending on your needs.

You can also use the raw data from the government:

These seem to contain the boundaries for the four number prefix of the postcodes, as well as the full six character ones.

Get it on PDOK.

How will the software use this? To what question(s) does the software provide answers?

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