Need to add address in Bristol United Kingdom

Can you please add the below address, we can see it on Google Maps but couldn’t found here on Open Street Map.
Inn at Yanleigh , Bridgwater Rd, Bristol BS13 8AG.

Or please advise is there any specific reason why it’s not coming up on Open Street Map?


There’s the “Town & Country Lodge” mapped on that road, has the name perhaps changed or is this a different location?

No, I can’t find Town and Country Lodge hotel on that road.
Please find attached the screenshot.

We can’t use Google maps as a source for mapping in OSM.

I provided the link to the Town and Country Lodge in my earlier post. Do you own/work for the Inn at Yanleigh? Or have you visited it? If so, you should be able to confirm the location I linked to above is correct and we can then update the name.

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Ah, Mapillary imagery correlates with OP and with the Inn at Yanley’s website, so it does look like the premises got renamed.

I have updated the name and tagging (now a pub with accommodation, rather than hotel) in Changeset: 151585356 | OpenStreetMap.


Hi Casey,

Thank you so much for your confirmation and quick response on this.

We highly appreciate for responding and sorting it on priority.

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