Need someone to explain

Hey Guys,

a quick question. I’ve developed an App, which uses osmdroid to draw overlays with the boundries of the city you are currently in.
A Overlay has several thousands points and it is not nessecary to draw all those points if the zoomlevel is smaller than 12

I have some questions about the functions over overlay draw and optimization the algorithm. Do some of you have a little time. I need someone who can developed android and uses osm. To be clear, i don’t need someone to develop anything. Just wanna ask you guys someting about osm in android. My current solution will cause problems in the future.

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UPD: sorry for necroposting, missed date

Hi, I’m not a developer, I could suggest you to peek in osmand code, or ask contributors
I guess everyone who use osm data for apps decide which nodes should be simplified at each zoom during conversion. B/c you could use more sophisticated logic there.
Sure nobody display every node at low zooms.
Unfortunately osmand is a poor example of optimization, but you could also check how map files for other programs are made. And there is many converters exists, so format of files should be known

Thank you very much for your answer. I was offline for a period, therefore i could not give an answer before.

I will try that, thanks again