need help with osmconvert

hi all i need your help when i open osmconvert.exe i write osmconvert --help and its just close i’ve tried some command but always close ( i need convert .osm.xml to osm.pbf )

sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Where did you get it from and what OS are you using?

hi and thanks for reply

i’ve download osmconvert.exe with the link available in the wiki ( )

and for my os

Windows 7 64 bits
16gb ram

This link I presume

yes sorry :slight_smile: and i clicked on this one binary for Windows 32 bit (runs with Win 64 too)

this is strange when he open and i write command it close but i can convert when i press “A” but i need .osm.pbf file so i must use -o= for get it but with it or --help or -h the console just close

This isn’t strange at all. :slight_smile:
osmconvert is a command-line tool.

For people who do not have enough experience with commandline-interfaces, there is “Bert”. Bert is the name of an interactive text-based menu interface which will help you to use the program’s basic functions.
One of these “basic functions” is the conversion between OSM file types. As far as I remember, it’s function number 1. So just enter “1” after you have entered the name of the file to be converted.

Or where you looking for a way to write “.osm.pbf”? Please choose the type “.pbf”, it’s the same as “.osm.pbf”.

hi, thanks for your reply

yes i know for “bert” and its “work” i can have my file test.pbf but the software i want use ( world2xplane ) use only osm.pbf file they said use the command test.osm.xml -o=test.osm.pbf but like i said its just close the console but what i dont understand is i can user bert but not the command… :frowning:

Hello again,
I am not sure if I got this right… Bert gives you a file with the name “text.pbf” but you need a file with the name “test.osm.pbf”?
Does it work if you just renamed the file accordingly?

just test it and not working :frowning:

pointe.osm = 10.5mo
pointe_01.osm.pbf = 426ko

and i put the file in the game for be sure i dont see modification and i dont see it so…

The relation of the file sizes seem to be ok. Thus I assume the conversion to .pbf (resp. .osm.pbf) went without errors.
Maybe the game (what game is it?) does not recognize the new file…

Of course, you can try the conversion via commandline (in Windows via Windows-R key combination and entering “cmd”, I am not sure), however, I guess the result will be the same… :frowning:

when i open cmd do i must write osmconvert before each command?

exemple : osmconvert pointe.osm -o=pointe.osm.pbf?

ps: game is X-Plane 10 and osm.pbf is for import my city with my modification in this game :slight_smile:

Yes. And first you need to set the right working directory (command “cd”, enter “cd /?” for help).

I don’t know this game, but maybe someone else in this forum does and can help…?

Special characters handling:
osmconvert output.osm --csv=“@id @lon @lat name” -o=output.csv
and having special characters like &#34 in tags, example from us-latest-osm

<tag k=“name” v="“Memorial Hall Center for the Arts”/>

osm convert is not handling this correctly, since &#34 is used as another ", so until next &#34 occurency, everything is handled as one string. Is it known issue?