Need help with Chanhe river (Luoyang)

added the way of this river, but it is hard for me, to detect the line, because bing background shows a summer view where there is nearly no water :wink:

Feel free to correct the way, whereever there is something wrong.

Additional info: changeset is

I also added a bug near the first node, in case no one will read this post (I’m the first ever to post in the china subforum ;))

thanks for the contribution!

Last time I looked at Luoyang city on OSM, there’s barely anything on the map. now it’s been populated with many additions.

Thx a lot :-). Its not that easy, because the bing maps are really old and I know from another chinese mapper, that even the chinese maps are not too accurate and sometimes buggy.

Yes Erdos. I was astonished myself, how much has been changed. I had to pause for a few months, because there was a font bug in josm, that lets crash the program, whenever a chinese word was to render. But this is gone, since I’m using openjdk 1.8.0. And I’m proud a little bit, because i think, that i was one of about 10 people, that really bumped the city to a level, where it runs out of itself now and makes fun to work with :-).

So maybe, you might take a look at a few bugs, that i placed in luoyang and help me there. I never was there and so can’t know a few things ;-). Some of them are pretty old meanwhile, but what can i do?

Just a small hint4fun: The tv tower is visible in 3d (but only as a pillar)

Hello!I am a native Chinese.Can I help with ur project in China?I think I can offer some help to u especially in language.And since I am in China there are so many sources which I can provide u with.

Happy to know that u contributed a lot!thx!

I am now adding something in Suzhou and other cities in China.

ps.Gorgonz,Can I have ur FB or twitter id pls:D?