Need help to replicate osm database schema

Hi All

I am just a novice user who is trying to understand OSM. I need to replicate osm database schema for some project development purpose.
I ve got my MYSQL server up and running with ruby tools. I have no prior exp to work on ruby on rails.
I got the latest database schema script from
I was thinking if I could use the data migration utility that comes with MySql but firstly it dosent works secondly I only need the schema and not the data.
Now Iam trying to figure out how to run the script using rake as mentioned in the documents but I have no idea on that.
Any step by step help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

I’ve never setup the RoR environment, will do some time down the road but have never found any reason to do so. What kind of dev things are you doing, would it be enough to have access to an experimental API server?

If you have the Rails port installed, just cd /path/to/your/osm/install/sites/rails_port/, then rake db:migrate .