Need help to discover groups

Hi everyone!
I need to discover some groups of mappers
If you know some please let me have the link as soon as possible
Thank you everyone
Have a nice day:)

You are already addressing a large group of mappers. Are you wanting to discuss mapping with the groups in your local area? Please give more details about what you are expecting from us.

Here is a selection of ways to make further contact …


This person posted in at least a dozen different sub-forums using two different accounts (example with the other account). They’re likely just a spammer.

I’m sorry this is seen as spam. These accounts belongs to different people cooperating.
We just need to talk to people from more than one country, so I can’t understand what would be the problem if we write in different subforums in order to reach more people in different countries.
We are doing it for a university project and we need collaborators, that’s all.
I can understand your worry but that’s not the case to do it.

@unipoli - one of the posts elsewhere did get one good piece of advice - look at and use that to help decide how to reach people. This forum site is used by people from around the world, and for some language speakers it is the main place that people discuss things, but in English it isn’t. Obviously everyone who reads the forums reads more than one sub-forum, so they’ll see messages in country sub-forums many times.

The other thing to consider is that the initial post here doesn’t say who you are or what you’re trying to do. A good place to write that would be an OSM diary entry - explain what your project is and what you’d like people to help with. That’ll then appear at and also at .

This is what led me to believe that the posts were spam. They contained no information and simply asked for vague “groups of mappers”.