Need help on overpass turbo


I am a member of the GeoGuessr community and I am posting a message here because I need help in using overpass turbo.

I would like to know if it is possible to estimate the % of Google Street View coverage of a specific area (a subdivision), for that I think the best tool is Overpass Turbo but I am still a novice and I don’t have much idea how to do it.

My first idea was eventually to put a point every 50 meters on each road of the subdivision and then use a third party site ( which is able to sort a JSON file by removing the points where there is no Street View.

Do you think this solution is possible with Overpass Turbo? And if so how can I do it.

PS: I don’t speak English very well so I used a translator, don’t hesitate to tell me if you don’t understand my question very well.

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Hi, welcome to OSM communities.

Google Street View is a proprietary, closed data tool from Google.

Overpass is a mechanism to query the OpenStreetMap database.

Therefore, doing an Overpass query to analyze something from Google is impossible.

In the OpenStreetMap ecosystem, there are similar tools to Google StreetView:

  • Mapillary
  • KartaView
  • Mapilio

However, they are independent projects, and it is not possible to do a query from Overpass to get the information you need.



Actually what I need help with is overpass turbo. I would like to know if it is possible to create a GEOJSON file with a point every 50 meters on each road of a specific area/subdivision.

I already have a way to use this with Google Street View with the site I put on the previous post. My request is only for Overpass Turbo sorry if I misspoke.

Surely yes but not using Overpass Turbo. As @AngocA said above, that’s a query tool for what is already in OSM, not something that you would use to interpolate between nodes of OSM ways.

OSM ways (which you can get from Overpass Turbo, of course - if you must), are a list of ordered nodes. Each node has a lat and long, and you can interpolate between those using maths (spherical geometry if you need to be able to apply this anywhere on the planet, but likely an approximation that works at your lat and long if you don’t).

I’d expect that you probably don’t want to use Overpass Turbo at all, actually - just chuck an extract of OSM into a database and work on it on there.

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It’s a good idea to try and extract the general aspects of your question, which is:

Can I use Overpass-turbo to create a set of sampling points equally distributed, say every 50 metres, within a given (road) network (of linear features)?

I’m afraid the answer is no. Splitting a linear feature every N units is something you will find in specialist GIS software and geospatial databases such as PostreSQL/PostGIS (where the function to use is called [ST_LineInterpolatePoint](ST_LineInterpolatePoint : ST_Segmentize does not always produce what one expects). Of course Overpass-turbo can be used to provide the input data.

Note OSM geometries might mean a single road is split into multiple features so it might be hard to get the sampling you want. An alternative would be to create a 50 m grid across your area of interest and find points where roads intersect the grid: this is also a GIS operation, but easily accomplished using desktop software.

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