Need help for boundaries of cities and neighborhoods


I’m developing a new website and I need help on a issue.

as you can see in those website for example,they have boundaries for cities and neighborhoods.

I look all over the net for some information about making the same implementation but I can seem to find where they are taking the data from,I need some kind of api and/or json file.

I see it in more sites so I don’t think they especially buy that boundaries info for cities and neighborhoods.

any help and direction will be much appreciated.


The boundaries on are not from OpenStreetMap.

As far as I can tell, does not have boundaries, only labels.

OpenStreetMap has a complete set of city labels and boundaries. We also have an incomplete set of neighborhood labels, but except for a few places (specifically Haifa) they do not have boundaries.

You should be able to download the data using these queries: