Need groups of mappers

Hi, I’m looking for groups of mappers active in your region and, as i saw that you have mapped a lot, I was wondering if you could help me getting in touch with them, maybe giving me contacts. (whatsapp, telegram, facebook,google groups, and so on)
Thanks for your helpfulness

People in mainland China map individually and they don’t use social apps that you mentioned above. But there are some Taiwanese whose contacts are accessible. You can follow me on Twitter @austinzhu123
I will provide you with several contacts. Actually I am a mainland China mapper. If you have a wechat account, it would be great since it’s popular among mainland China.

Is there any WeChat group for Chinese mappers? I’m a mapper from mainland China as well.

I don’t know about any, but we can start a group. You can find me with my OSM user name.

we more like use wechat and QQ im chat software

IRC nobody use

Tbh since every OSMapper will access this site, I think we should just stick to the forum instead of fragmenting the community into various chat services.

Yes, the best way is to stick to one community, but as you know, even official message service have different way, such as IRC, mailing list. And if you use ideditor, it will show you the telegram group, as you edit in other countries, because most of people are in it. Technic should fit people, not people to fit software. The most people used platform will be the China community.

(BTW, if you don’t want to use any platform not offered by OSMF, you can send email to talk-cn mailinglist, it is also a widely accepted way.