Need advice on creating web application on top of OSM

I want to create a web application with:

  • Embed the map in the web application.

  • Consume the OSM API for directions and other data (But it’s not for reading only as I read from the wiki, so what are the alternatives?)

  • Add inputs to the map page, where person can for example enter geodata with timestamps and some other options

  • Edit the embedded map, add some markers etc, I am going to pull data from other 3rd party API-s as well and I want to combine this data, is it possible?

Based on that I have a some questions:

  1. Is OSM the right platform for my requirements? Or should I use something else?

  2. Are there any good resources, tutorials, courses that might cover my requirements in some form?

Look at Leaflet and its plugins:


Thanks for the answers! Will take a look.

Maybe something similar to ?

Thanks will take a look :slight_smile: