Need advice for doing a mobile app without online components

Hi all,

I’m interested in developing a narrow-purpose mobile application that will be used to guide bike riders during a charity bike ride. We stage the ride annually to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis research.

Because our ride hits many rural areas, we want to build a route map with a GPS component that does not rely on the internet. So we want to have all the map information embedded in the app (but only for the small area of Wisconsin in which we ride, not the whole world). We want to produce apps for Android and iPhone using a similar technique, and we prefer to use native code rather than HTML or web-based technologies.

After briefly reviewing the documentation here, I’m guessing that one way to go would be to build tiles on the fly from the raw map data, another approach might be to prepare the tiles ahead of time and embed the images. Any recommendations?

Are there any legal restrictions to using the data in this way? I know it sounds like a bad idea to embed a bunch of map data in an app, but this is truly a single-purpose app that will be used for a two day bike ride in August. We’ll update it if we need it again the following year.

If there’s anyone here who’s had experience working with Android or iOS and would like to help, I’d appreciate it. Again, this is a volunteer effort to raise money for charity, so there’s no profit motive or commercial angle here.


I assume that you already know the collections in our wiki about and

There you can look for apps that come near your aims, including offline data storage on device … tell us what seems to be the best candidate so far.

Some apps of them are opensource, so you can modify its source base if you are able to, or ask someone who can.

Also some map display should be mentioned:

But your biggest task will be to find some good stuff that is made for both, Android AND iOS.