Nebie, Ski Tracks - Vist to les Arc


This is my first post so sorry if it sounds a bit dumb.

I have been looking at open street maps for a couple of years now but have found particular interest in footpaths and Ski pistes. I am traveling to Les Arc in the New year and thought I would chk what has been uploaded for this huge Ski area. Sadly very few pistes are marked out :frowning: I will be using GPS to create tracks of my runs anywho so I feel that I really should be sharing these with open street map.

So my question is do I need to contact any body in the community about this before uploading and will it be obvious how to add my tracks as ski pistes and lifts adding in the different colours for the difficulty of the run etc.


You don’t need to ask anyone before uploading your work. Just look at what others have done already and add your own. If you have questions about which tag to use or how to map piste restaurants then just ask when they popup. If you make mistakes (everyone does), no big deal, someone will fix it some day.

Thanks Lambertus, I am sure I’ll be back in the new year,

Have you looked at: ?

Thanks csdf, prob would be a good place to look :slight_smile:

Have also had a quick look at JMOS and does seem straight forward to add pistes etc…

Thanks guys