[NAVIT] Updating russian translation

Sorry, I can just post in EN as I don’t speak russian

Over at Navit, we look for somebody, who might help us to finish the updating of the russian translation:
It’s pretty easy with Launchpad, anybody likes to participate?

Matthias, didn’t you leave OSM a while ago? :slight_smile:

I left the (timeconsuming) ‘press/community relation’ staff but still contributing and hope to contribute code to some projects in the OSM ecosystem :wink:

It looks like only two words are still not translated:

centre and midwest

First one is “центр”, second - “Средний Запад”. You can finish translation right now :slight_smile:

Ok I added them with a (needs a review by native speaker) :slight_smile: Thanks man!

Those two words were untranslated because their meaning in original was unclear - is it name of city/locality/region or something other. Assuming that “centre” is meaning “central point, main node of something” translation “центр” is correct. Also if Midwest - name of USA region, then translation “Средний Запад” is correct.

Anyway, only experienced user of Navit can make correct translation, since usage context is crucial. Simple example: “open” - is it an action (“open the door”) or a property (“open street map”)?

So this forum is not the best place to find translators.

I agree that correct translation is a very complex process. But as FLOSS means also, that the project is IMHO always WIP, it’s very ok to start with something and work till it is improved :slight_smile:

But I agree, let’s move to the Navit forum for a deeper discussion on this.

Ok, I checked Wikipedia, Centre should be “Центр” as it region name.
How can I test localisation in Navit? I have Android phone and PC, which one has most recent updates? Android version (installed yesterday) has old translation (and buggy as hell).

Yep, Navit is still WIP and we do our best to bring it to a more stable and useful state: http://wiki.navit-project.org/index.php/Brainstorming

For testing langs, you need the recent SVN builds that already include the updated lang packages. Currently it’s done irregular http://sourceforge.net/p/navit/code/commit_browser but I will ask the Launchpad maintainer to do it this days.
Depending on your OS, it should be easier to update the PC instead of smartphone.