Navigation with MapFactor Android

Not sure if this is OSM or MapFactor issue. The navigator doesn’t indicate the need for a turn at an intersection in my town, even though this is a “T” in the road where a right or left turn onto the intersecting road is mandatory. Would this be appropriate for posting as a note in editor?

To find out whether it is an issue on OSM or mapfactor Navigator itself, try at

But you can also give us a try here in this thread.

In order to reproduce your issue, tell us how we can find start and destination easily in a routing programm, especially what offline map is needed in detail?

And have you tried other offline routing apps like Osmand, Navit, ZANavi, be-on-road, Scout GPS Maps and Navigation, to name but a few.

And what is the result when you try your routing on an established OSM based web routing service? See

Just have a look at the respective location on the main map, if this situation is drawn wrong there a note is certainly justified, you could also try to fix the situation yourself using the editor. If this is a turn restriction indicated by signs and not a physical limitation the roads should be members of some turn restriction relation. You can find this out by using query tool to select this roads. (question mark symbol)