Navigation step-by-step instructions

I have purchased Osmand+ but cannot work out how to navigate. Can someone please point me to detailed instructions? (Not the bloody awful How-to articles.)

How do I:
l. Enter a destination.
2. Enter an origin.
3. Add a waypoint.
4. Choose a transport mode (bicycle).
5. Start following directions.

I have already downloaded the vector maps for my region.


You would be better to ask this question in the Android sub forum as it gets more traffic and more Osmand related

I don’t have Osmand but found this page which might help you to get up and running, though you probably have read this anyway.

Re-reading you query (and I have a Garmin etrex and iphone4), I don’t tend to do most of what you ask about on either but instead do that planning on the computer using one the the track drawing web sites
I personally prefer using the gpsies site or in full screen mode to make a track and download as a gpx file and copy that to the etrex and tell it to follow the track.

The free openstreetmap, though routable, does not have all the address info mapped yet, and is not as good as the paid for garmin maps for locating addresses, as the big commercial companies buy all this info to include on their maps. So if you can locate the spot you want to go to on the computer map using an openstreetmap, drawing and saving a track works better.