navigation algo which takes traffic into account


i am very new the OSM. i need to build a solution for mobile(Lets assume for heavy usage), which will support navigation and will take traffic into account
(i will provide the data for the traffic or manipulate it any way needed for OSM or other 3rd party client)

does OSM navigation support traffic data(as in does the algo can take that data into account when calculating shortest path etc)?
do i need other frameworks/solutions for that, and if so what are best?

Thanks for your help!

First of all, there is no “OSM navigation” … because the database of OSM contains only geographic objects, not more and not less.

It is up to you to use the OSM data with the help of a framework, renderer or navigation program that you have to choose.

All known solutions about navigation that deal with OSM data are collected in the OSM wiki: … have a look there for online and offline routers and what programs are opensource or similar.

At present, I am not aware of any solution that is able to take traffic amount data into account.

There is also an OSM mailing list about Routing, and maybe some hints are given at if you do a keyword search there.

thanks for your input, it cleared a few things for me.

i have searched for the these(traffic) keywords, but alas i only came out with clues.

on a wiki page:

u can find this list, but it seems that none support it(traffic) atm. i thought this was

some lack of understanding on my part.

in that event what, would be the best framework, (documentation wise, effiency etc) for me to

to start using, when i know i will need to edit algo code?

Hi syaron,
unfortunately, I cannot help either.

However, there is one application which has at least has a TMC overlay:
You can mark areas which are displayed as “jammed” and force the routing engine to avoid them (click on “more options”).

As far as I can see, this TMC overlay will work for Germany only. :frowning: