Navbox GNSS


I’m creating a navigation box for an wiki pages, connected with GNSS:

  1. How to make the table more compact, like ?
  2. There are three rows, starting with “GPX tracks” (GPX tracks: create, GPX tracks: convert, GPX tracks: upload). How to combine them?
  3. I’m planing to add this navbox to all pages, mentioned in it (exception — if the page already have some navbox or special style for a page). Any objections? Concerns?

Hi Alexey,

  1. Sorry, I can not really help you there. I do not understand why the template is not as compact as we would expect it.

  2. The Navbox template probably works similar to the one in the English Wikipedia. Its documentation will probably help you. It looks like you need to nest one navbox into another.

  3. I like that you write how helpful a page is (like “stub”). Pages like GNSS tracelog seem to be navigation pages already. I should consider merging both navigations. Apart from that, I do not know if the change needs discussion, but if you want to hear the opinion of other users it might be good to post a message on the talk pages or the (general) Talk:Wiki.


Just for a history, the resulting navbox is here: