natural=heath color


In map features natural=heath have green color, but on the map color is pale yellow, so… something is wrong :smiley:

Well, it’s a wiki :wink:

This goes to show why Map Features shouldn’t give rendering suggestions! The “Rendering” column is best treated as an example of how it could be rendered, not how it will be. After all, a map with 50 people’s different icon designs on it would look terrible.

anblant isn’t suggesting to use a different color, he’s just pointing out that the map_features page does not reflect the rendered reality. So in my opinion the wiki should be adjusted accordingly.

IMHO green colour would be better for heath (on Cycle map layer it’s green). Unfortunately area what i tag as heath isn’t exactly heath… it’s something like wet meadow, or bog maybe… but not marsh. I used heath, because it was most similar.