National Park boundary data

In south west Western Australia OSM does not have the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park (LNNP) land_use displayed. Some other local parks are also missing. The LNNP is 130km long with a complex boundary. Can anyone suggest where I could find free data describing its boundaries? I’ve searched around to no avail. I’m able to input this data to OSM if I can get it.

You might have more success when you ask this question on the Australian mailing list:

A process has begun to import the 2016 CAPAD data and this should fill most gaps in environmentally protected natural areas. See more info on this in the talk-au list over the last 6 months or so.
Prior to now much of the mapped data was updated or input using the 2014 issue.
I suggest using CAPAD 2014 if you wish to proceed for individual parks before the 2016 set is prepared for import.


In Kyrgyzstan (does not have a community on the Besh Tash national park is missing on the map. The text describes where the national part should be located:

Unfortunately, I do not speak Russian or Kyrgyz and I also might not have enough time for that. Do you know someone who could do this?


As the thread you hijacked implies, you need geometry information for the park that is suitably licensed. If you cannot find that, all you can really expect is a very rough approximation based on general knowledge, with possibly the odd bit of accurate mapping by a local, although my guess would be there are very few local mappers in that country.

If you wish to eyeball it, you can use this: