National borders

I can see that for Romania the only border that exists in OSM is the border with Hungary. By looking at the tagging of this border I can see that is some sort of import probably from VMAP0 as it is tagged source=nima_vmap0.

My question is: it is some sort of import that is already running or we can help with this for our country? After searching the wiki for some informations about this I only came up with the WDB. In this case we can definitely help by running the script for Romania (looks easy at a first glance). Another interesting information I found on the Mapnik page that says Mapnik is using external data for lower zoom levels and they provide a tarball of 600MB to download. This datasource sounds nice, as it contains interesting information. But how usable is it, do we have any scripts for this or these needs to be developed?

Is there any other way that I missed?

Thank you!

AFAIK mapnik uses shape files, and all that is needed to make these things to display is to configure them in mapnik, mapserver or what ever is being used… I would ask on the dev mailing list, I’m sure some one has a script to give you…

There is a special website dedicated to detecting and visualizing coastline problems. I’m not aware of any targeting borders.

emj, I know that Mapnik uses shapefiles to display those informations on lower level zooms. I have 2 questions on this matter:

  1. Do we have any script to import shapefiles into OSM?
  2. Do we really want to do this? Is the data in world_boundaries.tar.bz2 open source? Is it is open and we have the means to import this information, can we trust the correctness of this data?
Has proven vital for me many times in figruing out were to look for data that is kosher.

Ciprian, I really don’t know for sure. But yes there are scripts for doing that, if someone is using them atm is another matter. I really recommend you asking this on the mailing list. What I do remember is this:

I check the SVN and it seems like you can find a coastal import script there:

Not sure it’s what you are looking for, but go though the svn repo an I’m sure you will find something.