Naming cycleways or footways by the adjacent highway

To make turn directions easier to read on my bicycle navigator (Garmin Edge 705 with my Garmin map of Finland), I begun adding name, name:fi, name:sv to cycleways that are running adjacent to ways for motor vehicles. In this way, I will see the road names instead of “Track”. Alas, the cycleway names look somewhat funny on SlippyMap, especially near large multi-layer junctions where the cycleways are tens of meters away from the highway=motorway or highway=trunk that they are following.

Apparently there is no commonly agreed scheme for naming cycleways. At Cycleway/New Mapping Scheme there is even some disagreement whether to map cycleways separately from motor-vehicle-ways.

I find routable cycleways extremely useful. For instance, the cycleways along the Helsinki ring roads (Ring I and Ring III) are illogical and very poorly signed. You must know which tunnels or bridges to take, or you will eventually notice that you are on the wrong road or the cycleway is a dead end, only leading to a residential island. (The motor vehicle road is forbidden from foot and bicycle traffic.) In some junctions, you can accidentally get to the wrong cycleway, effectively taking a turn instead of continuing straight on. In these cases, it would be useful to see “Ring I” or “Ring III” on cycleways on the navigator display, even though they are in the middle of a forest, 100 meters away from cars. But it could feel funny to see the cycleways named on SlippyMap.

I can see three possible solutions to this tagging problem:
(1) Group all ways of a physical way into a relation, so that renderers can pick the names if needed. (Do not add names to cycleways.)
(2) Invent tags for artificial names, e.g., way_name, way_name:en, … and use them on cycleways.
(3) Invent a tag to indicate that the name actually belongs to a nearby motor vehicle road
Solutions (1) and (2) would provide best backward-compatibility to motor vehicle oriented renderers, but they would require extensive changes to renderers that do care about light traffic and to editors. I would definitely rule out solution (1), because some software and mappers seem to break relations. (I have encountered and fixed broken route relations when fixing errors in roundabouts in Finland and Sweden.)

When it comes to solution (3), I have encountered some renderer-specific tags for omitting names. This would seem to be the best choice: no need to introduce a family of tags (way_name:language_code), and it is already somewhat supported. Is there a standard for this? Perhaps even a standard for omitting ways from rendered maps at wide zoom levels? That could be useful for hiding cycleways adjacent to highways.