Naming city squares in Mannheim

Hey y’all!

I live in Mannheim and would like to name the interesting square-like architecture, so that users can see it from birds-eye perspective which square they are on.

Right now, its difficult so see which square you are looking on:

Anybody an idea how to deal with that? Didnt find any “big capital letters” to put on the map in the Editor.

Thanks for answers.


Hi Simon,

the squares are already in the map data. E. g.

The standard map does not render them, but others, for example, do. It’s up to each renderer/map/app to decide what to display and what not.

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Hello Simon,

on the occasion of your posting, and because i’am was born in this city, I took the liberty to mention your topic (among others) in the german subforum.

This just as an information.

If you want, i can use your Thread (which i linked) to report the progress of the german-sub-forum thread :slight_smile: