Name:vro or name:fiu-vro?

Hi !
I’m a French contributor, currently working on a map rendering for some less-known languages, esp. Livonian and Võro.
I spotted a strange situation with Võro : we have two variants for names :confused:

The tag fiu-vro was added 10 years ago during a mass-edit, focusing on countries (and not only Võro). This seems to be a non-standard scheme, as no other Finno-Ugric language has such a name:fiu-XXX feature.
See e.g. this changeset : Changeset: 17267685 | OpenStreetMap

Is there here any argument in favor of name:fiu-vro ? Otherwise I would rather convert all 300 occurrences to the more convenient and logical name:vro (I would of course write an email on that topic on the global tagging mailing list - but it seems useful to check first with the local community).
By the way, I was very happy to see that EveryDoor is an Estonian app :wink:
Head aega !


key:name sems to say to use Multilingual names - OpenStreetMap Wiki for name:* suffixes, which in turn specifies ISO639-1, ISO639-2, or ISO639-3 codes (whichever first matches).

According to Võro language - Wikipedia , suffix should be vro as defined in vro | ISO 639-3, so I would guess it should be name:vro


I completely agree, name:vro is the expected solution, and I guess, there won’t be any opposition to the mass conversion of name:fiu-vro to name:vro - but let’s wait one week, and then I’ll do the changes.

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While my knowledge of Võro language is very limited I can confirm that both of the tags have values in Võro. Node 424313406 is the only element with both tags but the values are same so there are no conflicts as well.

Code fiu-vro probably figures in OSM due to name imports from Wikipedia. This suffixed code was adopted by Wikimedia before ISO approved vro in 2009. Wikimedia now uses both codes as due to technical reasons it’s difficult to drop the old code entirely. But in OSM it’s probably fine to harmonize the codes and keep only the ISO code.


Oh great, thanks for the explanation !

Ok, so far, there is no opposition to the planned change.

It should now be fixed, here are the changesets:

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There is also now Võro language page in OSM wiki and as it says only name:vro should be used.

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