name-tag-list option leads to "out of memory"

I, newbie in OSM and mkgmap, try to make a map of Israel with English street names. My command using mkgmap is:

java -Xmx512M -jar E:\Garmin\OSM\mkgmap-r1625\mkgmap.jar --name-tag-list=name:en --route E:\Garmin\OSM\Israel\map.osm

I get a message 'Out of memory “C:\windows\system32\java.exe” '. If I run the command without ‘–name-tag-list=name:en’ I get a good img, but it’s in Hebrew which I can’t read.

The E:\Garmin\OSM\Israel\map.osm is only 3.5 MB. I tried it with a higher -Xmx512M, without result.

What I’m doing wrong?


I’m using r1733 and the --name-tag-list without problems. So perhaps you can try a newer version…

I’d suggest to use --name-tag-list=name:en,int_name,name So that Mkgmap tries to use an international name first and only fallback to ‘name’ if no suitable alternative exists.

Thank you. It turned out not te be a matter of mkgmap version. I put the osm file in the directory where mkgmap resides, and that did the job.

Strange, that should not be necessary. But, perhaps it’s a Windows-only issue.