name:ber or name:zgh or name:Tamazight


I noticed that some Morrocan OSM contributors are using different tags to name POIs, relations etc. But mixing between tags.
In this page we see that Morocco proposed name:zgh for Tamazight (Tifinagh characters) or this tag is not often used.

Link :

Link name:zgh :

In Algeria, we are tagging berber names widely with name:ber for Tifinagh characters and name:kab for Kabyle (latin caracters) :

Link :
Map :
OverPass Turbo (nodes only) :

This one is for Kabyle language :

The new tag name:Tamazight started to be spread but I think is not a standard one. Because language should be pointed by ISO (few characters only, example name:xxx) :
Link :

So, the wide spread among nodes, relation etc is name:ber. I Wonder why people are trying to make things more complicated. Did they read the Wiki ? :wink:

Salutations amicales.

Problem solved :slight_smile: Thank you OSM Maroc.

Hello sir,
I believe that name:ber is common to the Tamazight language as a whole in North Africa.
Name:zgh is for Moroccan Standard of IRCAM institute.
Name:tzm for Central Atlas
Name:shi for Souss Tachelhit
Name:rif for Riffian Tarifit
Name:kab for Kabyle… Etc.

I personnaly use name:ber because it’s the most common and occasionally add name:tzm or name:shi… for regional purposes.

Salute to fellows Algerian Osm contributors.