NAICS osm tag table mapping update

Forking off of Proposed import of The HIFLD General Manufacturing Facilities dataset - #20 by Minh_Nguyen @Minh_Nguyen @SherbetS

Let’s organize this a bit. I’m happy to generate say, a google sheet with the current set from the 2022 wiki page, and dump some sample entries from the FL dataset for example followup etc. Does that seem sensible?

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I would fully support an organized effort to fill out the NAICS correspondence tables. It would immediately give us a ton of fodder for #tagging discussions here. :slightly_smiling_face: We should involve the Canadian and Mexican communities, since all three countries use the same NAICS standard.

Note that the proposed HIFLD dataset only contains NAICS 2017 codes, not NAICS 2022 codes. There’s considerable overlap, and an official concordance is available.

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