MyMobileMap - Map adaption service - Call for testers

Hey OSM-Android users,

i would like to introduce an adaptable map service supporting the Mapsforge format. The project is called “MyMobileMap” and is part of a seminar paper/work at the University of Potsdam.
The goal is to apapt the map to the user’s individual context while using a Smartphone Map/Navigation-App. You can access the service only via web [1] and download style and map files to your SD-Card. The webservice is designed for mobile usage on small displays.

The project is under development which means some options have no actual effect to the map, but could be implemented in future edits.

For testing the service use/install Mapsforge’s AdvancedViewer [2].

It would be nice if could you take part in the usability survey [3] after having tested the service.

Best Regards,

Robert | robson06

  • Editor of MyMobileMap -

[3] EN | DE

Need help? Check this small tutorial and screenshots here:

EDIT: added Screenshots

Making your edits.

Mapstyle example for pedestrians who’d like to check bars, restaurants which are wheelchair-accessible.