My user is blocked

As saigon2k2, I’ve been banned by this community forum. It is evident that forum admin doesn’t follow the very OSM guidelines Mateusz reminded me (bold is mine). I created a new user just for this message.

I thank all the users that reverted mine and other mapper’s work, ignoring what I wrongly believed were “guidelines”. I wish your undocumented deletions will give you some satisfaction.

Sadly I realized too late that an UK-established foundation cannot disappoint ukranian community. War is not neutral and neither is OSM. Go ahead and win your mapping war.


The user @saigon2k2 has no bans or limitations on these forums, you can check on the user profile.

The OSM user saigon2k2 has, however. Maybe there has been a misconception.

You are right, this forum uses OSM login and if a user is blocked at OSM level you can’t login here. Context.

@TomH: is this expected behaviour? I thought user blocks only impact your ability to upload data.

@TomH, @mmd : more over: how can a blocked user participate in discussions he/she was invited to?

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I know of no reason why a block should affect that.

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+1 does not make much sense to me to automatically block a user for the forum together with a OSM block … access to seperate platforms should also be blocked separately imho.


@TomH: Thanks… I tested this locally, the issue here is caused by “/api/0.6/user/details”, as it returns HTTP 403 along with “Your access to the API has been blocked. Please log-in to the web interface to find out more.” once a user has been blocked.

I’ve created a follow up issue on Github: Blocked user cannot log on to · Issue #3522 · openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website · GitHub


Open a ticket and I can look at it. I’m away until the weekend though so it will probably be a few days.

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Already did that in the meantime… :+1:

That would depend on what the user has been blocked for, more often than not I suspect a complete block would make more sense (see case at hand), particularly considering that not doing so creates extra work.

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Please discuss those points on GitHub, otherwise they would likely not be considered later on.

I get your point and I have to admit I am neither a moderator nor an admin but nevertheless I believe any member should have the chance to still put his/her/their issue for discussion in the forum (understanding this as an OPEN platform) unless he/she/they do this in any inappropriate form and only if they do so a ban for the forum should follow.

Corrupting the geodatabase is one thing, being excluded from dispute is another …

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